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Plant Health Care – Lighting

In this section, we will take a closer look at the lighting conditions in your home so we can ensure the right plant goes in the right place!

Let’s start with the basic levels of lighting found in most homes:

Full Direct Sun – This means that wherever you place the plant, the sun’s rays will be directly touching the leaves.  These conditions are usually found in homes that have south facing windows, and the sunlight may be on the plant for up to 6 hours.

Bright Filtered Light – This is the lighting condition that many plants need.  It means that there are periods when the sun’s rays will be touching the leaves, as well as periods where it will not.  This can be as a result of shades or slat blinds, or perhaps the plant will be in a grouping where the taller plants block out some of the light.  Think of it in terms of a jungle…. those plants that are under the taller trees canopy still receive some touches of sun, but then are also sheltered from full all-day sun.

Bright but Sunless – This usually occurs in most homes where the plant will not be near a window.  The room is still nice and bright, but no sunlight will ever directly touch the leaves.

Shade – This is usually found in North facing homes, when you need a plant in a back corner of your room that gets very little natural light.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the more common houseplants and the lighting levels they would fall under:

Full Direct Sun – Cactus and Succulants, Citrus Plants, Hibiscus, Accacia, Jasmine and other Tropical Plants

Bright Filtered Light – Potted Mums, African Violets, Ficus, Hoyas, Sheffleras, Foliage Begonias, Ferns

Bright but Sunless – Bromeliads, Cyclamin, Dieffenbachias, Ivy, Philodendrons, Peace lily’s, Pilea

Shade – Aglaonemas, Fittonias, Sanseviera, Pothos, Aspidistra, some Ivy

Plant Health Care Basics

In this blog we are going to take a look at your basic plant care.  There is also a section that allows you to ask a question about your plants and why they might not being to well, so please… by all means, ask away!!!!


Let’s start with the basic requirement of all plants:

1 – Proper lighting – This is the first thing I always ask when a customer is looking for a plant.  What are your lighting conditions like?  Is the plant going to be in a South facing window getting full direct sun?  Or perhaps you have a North facing window and are concerned that you cannot grow anything?  Does the plant need long periods of exposure to direct sun, or will that plant grow in full shade?  Your lighting conditions are the first thing to think about whenever looking for a plant.

2 – Watering – This is also an essential question to ask.   Is this a thirsty plant, that requires the soil to be damp at all times, or does it prefer to have almost no water at all?  Do you travel a lot and need plants that can look after themselves, or are you home all the time and can give a specialty plant the attention it needs?

3 – Environmental Conditions – This section covers quite a bit: Warmth, Humidity, and Fresh Air/Draughts, and Resting Period.   Do you have your home or office well heated, or do you prefer a cooler environment?  Does your home have a tendancy to be dry, or do you love high humidity? Will the plant be in an area where it will get fresh air once in a while, or do you need it to go near the front door where the winter cold will be hitting it everytime the door opens?   Do you have a plant that goes dormant for the winter but are keeping it in a high heated room?  Or perhaps your plant gowns year round, but you cut the watering down in the winter.  Knowing exactly what your plant needs to survive is essential for ensuring that anyone, and everyone can grow plants…. even those who have never had a green thumb.

4 – Soil Conditions – Some plants love rich nutirent rich, damp, potting soil, and some plants require a sandy, porous and well drained soil.  Is the plant you are buying in the correct growing medium?   Wondering why your cactus that you repotted in potting soil is rotting?  (it’s roots are too wet!)  Or perhaps why your Cypress Tree is browning in its sandy soil? (the soil is not holding enough moisture)   At Bloom the Flower Company, we make sure each and every plant is in the correct medium for the correct plant requirements, and can help you repot your own plant if it is not doing so well! 

Stay tuned for the next Blog where we examine these basic plant care requirement in more detail!!

Welcome to Bloom Blog

We finally made it!  My first blog posting on my new website!   We’ve been working really hard to recover from the fact that as we were originally planning on launching a website, my shop, Bloom the Flower Company was broken into.  While I would have preferred that the thieves trashed my shop (I could have replaced it all), they did not.  Instead all they managed to take was my portfolio.  As a result, we lost most of our pictures.  The majority of my wedding photos were in there, and alas, we have had to launch with the pictures that we have been able to take since then.  Such a shame, as we had some really great professional shots lost.

   As a result, we have been trying our best to increase the amounts of photos that we had before being able to finally launch the website.

 We think, given the circumstances, that we have done a pretty good job.  Admittedly, it has been a struggle.  Many flower shops are provided their pictures from their floral services like FTD and Teleflora.

At Bloom the Flower Company, we have made the choice not to join one of these services.  Many of their arrangement are just not our style, and we really did not like being forced to arrange dyed orchids in baby-bootie containers, or carnations and baby’s-breath in a happy face mug.

  At Bloom, we stock only the freshest flowers, and will design them in the style of your choice.

If you are not sure what it is exactly you would like to send, we are here to offer you suggestions based on the many flowers we have in stock.  Perhaps you are looking for something more traditional, like your round flowers in glass, or something more contemporary.  Perhaps you would like to send flowers to and elderly person whose eyesight is not what is used to be; at Bloom we can arrange for bright and contrasting colours that are easy to see, and usually recommend adding some great scented flowers to help them enjoy the arrangement to its fullest.


 Whether you are looking for a small hostess gift, or would like to come in for a quote on a full-serviced wedding or corporate event, at Bloom the Flower Company, we work with you to send exactly what YOU want, not want we want to send out for you.  Of course, many of our clients wish to leave the style and design entirely up to us, and we are always happy to do so.


 We look forward to sharing our thoughts and experiences, as well as helping to educate you on all aspects of floral styles and design, fresh flower and houseplant care, as well as the fun and unusual things that come up during our daily routine in this blog.


We hope you will return to see what is new at Bloom the Flower Company’s blog.

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